Associate any combination of instruments – from multiple snare drums to more creative combos to be triggered simultaneously from your MIDI drum track – assembling your dream instrument in entities called MIDI nodes that can be triggered effortlessly from your sequencer.

New Pedal correction presets

Thanks to the improved velocity controls available in Superior Drummer® 2.2, e-drummers will be please to find additional pedal correction profiles designed to correct all the most common foot controller hardware shortcomings.

CC7 control of master volume

Users are now able to automate the Superior Drummer® master volume via MIDI Continuous Controller messages (CC7)

iMap* note mapping preset

Superior Drummer 2.2 includes a new note mapping preset derived from the very popular iMap format.

* iMap is a drum map protocol created by Dave Kerzner & Sonic Reality

Library Version info

The Sound library version can now be clearly identified from within the Help menu, making it easier for users to know if they are up-to-date.

Das Update und eine aktualisierte Doku sind ab sofort für alle Besitzer von Superior Drummer 2.0 kostenlos bei Toontrack erhältlich.

Wir von testen im Moment Superior Drummer, sowie ein Addon-Pack und werden Euch schon bald von Superior Drummer berichten und natürlich das Update mit einbeziehen.