Neu: TeKV331 – Audio – SynthMaster.2.5 Beta


  • Cross-platform VST & AU: SynthMaster 2.5 now runs as a VST instrument/effect on both Windows and
  • Mac OSX, and as an Audio Unit instrument/effect on Mac OSX.
  • Improved Filter Algorithms: The “analog” filter models have been improved to better model the analog
  • ladder filter. The “digital” filters on the other hand have been rewritten from scratch for better VA sound.
  • Before/After/Inside Filter Distortion: Custom distortion stage added into the filters so that signals can
  • be distorted before, after or even inside the filter. With this flexibility, it is now possible to create
  • screaming sounds using the filters in SynthMaster.
  • “Multimode” Filters: With the new “multimode” filter type, it is now possible to switch from Lowpass to
  • Bandpass to Highpass filter types continously using the “filter mode” parameter. For analog multimode
  • filters, it is even possible to change the slope of the filter continously from 0 db/oct to 24 db/oct using the
  • “continous slope” parameter.
  • “Dual” Filters: With the new “dual” filter type, it is now possible to run two multimode filters
  • simultaneously, either in parallel, or in series. The mix ratios between the filters, and the topology
  • (parallel/series) between them can be changed continuosly, as well as the modes and cutoff frequencies
  • u.s.w

SynthMaster 2.5 Beta ist als Online-Download zum Beta-Preis von 70 $ bis zum 1. November 2010 verfügbar. Der reguläre Preis beläuft sich dann auf 99 $

Weitere Informationen sowie eine kostenlose Demo-Version findet ihr auf der Herstellerseite.

Link: TeKV331 Audio