Update: AAS – Lounge Lizard EP-3. V3.1.2.

What has been fixed in Lounge Lizard v3.1.2?

  • Fixed Recorder crash on Windows;
  • Fixed automation from plug-in window in Logic 8;
  • Fixed audio cuts when the plug-in window was displayed;
  • Fixed MIDI Link crash on „Default“ channel;
  • Fixed Cubase 5 crash on Windows;
  • Now works with Cubase 5 64-bit VST Bridge;
  • Now works with Sonar 64-bit BitBridge;
  • New solution for volume build-up on repeated notes with sustain pedal;
  • Fixed „Fatal Error 417“ during authorization on Mac OS X;
  • Fixed Edit MIDI Link dialog values glitch;
  • No more clicks when changing Pickup Type;
  • Fixed MIDI Link on Pickup Type.



Link: AAS